With the development of the lighting market, the current bulb products on the market are mostly LED, while incandescent lamps are more for photography. So why does this happen? What are the advantages

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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of incandescent lamps

The advantages of incandescent lamps:

1. The light source is small and cheap

2. It has a wide variety of lampshade forms, and is equipped with portable lamp holders, ceilings and wall installation appliances and concealment devices

3. Great versatility, many color varieties

4. There are many forms such as orientation, scattering and diffusion. Can be used to enhance the three-dimensional sense of objects

In photography, whether incandescent lamps can be used for photography is a common topic. In fact, the incandescent lamp is something similar to a black body. The tungsten filament is energized, heats up, and emits light. The color temperature is around 2700K-3000K. There are outputs from infrared to visible light to ultraviolet light. Its spectrum is a continuous spectrum, which of course contains blue light components. It's just that the color temperature is low and the yellow light has more components. As long as the camera discards the excessive yellow light component, the light color of the incandescent lamp can be considered as white. Therefore, for digital cameras that can self-define white balance, incandescent lamps are the light source for color reproduction. So friends who do not have professional lighting equipment can try to use incandescent lamps for lighting.

Disadvantages of incandescent lamps:

1. Low luminous efficiency

2. The heating temperature is high and the heat evaporates quickly

3. Short life (1000 hours)

4. Infrared component

5. Vulnerable to vibration

6. Low color temperature, yellowish (2500K.60W)

7. High energy consumption is not conducive to energy saving